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2000, 2001, and 2002 Previously Featured Poems

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Poem 1 SEQUITUR F.J. Bergmann
Poem 2 BLIND SPOT Ken Haynes
Poem 3 The Kindness of Strangers SOB
Poem 4 GOLD MEDAL Richard Roe
Poem 5 ADDICTION R. Russell
Poem 7 BLACK '47 Elise Rose
Poem 8 THERMOS Gregg Williard
Poem 9 BEYOND ATOMS Jeff Berger-White
Poem 10 there are 7 doors in my brain james lee
Poem 11 How to write a manifesto Becky Shapiro
Poem 12 METAMORPHOSIS Dave Scheler
Poem 13 DIRTY LAUNDRY Jo Jensen
Poem 14 ANEMONES & ALGAE Rino Avellaneda
Poem 15 RADIO OPERA Jim Nichols
Poem 16 delight Abraham Smith
Poem 17 My Child Loves Wisconsin Fabu Mogaka
Poem 19 TALKING TO OWLS Ron Czerwein
Poem 20 HOLIDAY Francine Conley
Poem 21 NAIL Alex deLoach
Poem 22 Epilog: Speech to the Nation Steve Timm
Poem 23 PATERNAL CHALICE Rino Avellaneda
Poem 24 URSINE ROMANCE Mitchell Metz
Poem 25 Sweet Little Love Poem R. Russell
Poem 26 Cenicienta Visits Her Colonial Home Nydia Rojas
Poem 27 THE MESSAGE Dennis Trudell
Poem 28 INTERVIEW WITH RUNE DeWitt Clinton
Poem 29 IF Mark Evans
Poem 30    
Poem 31 THE BIG QUESTION Ron Czerwein
Poem 32 The Zoo Signmaker Keeps Trying to Get It Right Jennifer Jones
Poem 33 It's a Dog Eat World Eat God Eat Dog World Me Poet
Poem 34 it has been you Jonathan Swerdlick
Poem 35 Things I've Never Told Anyone C.X. Dillhunt
Poem 36 debt kyle myhre
Poem 37 VAMPIRE MEETS MAIDEN Margaret Benbow
Poem 38 Benjamin—Nine Epilogues: excerpt Ray Hsu
Poem 39 FINALE Mel Koronelos