Featured Poem 2/9/02:


I will always be
your secret possum in the pants,
trout in the suitcase, hound on the spoor.
Even the static electricity on my rug loves you.
I'm the entire Third Grade tracking mud across your nice clean kitchen floor.
I am your name.
Anything you want, I want.
You shall have the freshly ground pepper,
more hot buttered rolls, extra sauce, and
the beverage of your choice.
My love for you is a candle that dreams of the sun at midnight,
it is an all-day sucker.
It's a thousand frogs mating on a dark country road
drinking moonlight beneath your tires.
It's where the rubber meets the dog.
I want to breathe your air,
scour your tub,
Bossa Nova with you on the surface of the moon
wearing identical Daffy Duck underpants.
I want to magnetize you.
I could drink you down at room temperature
and melt ice with my eyes.
m your rampaging priapic engine
thundering down tracks that melt beneath our wheels,
I am your quivering monkey of love.
Baby, you fix my radio.

Rusty Russell

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