Featured Poem 1/24/02:


Wake matted in brambles, reeking
of salmon.  Snuffle up
a bellyful of berries. Stretch shaggy

sunward in luxurious worship
of your own beasthood.  Piss
your stink among brush, rake bark

from buckthorn and nose the wind
for estrus.  When you catch a whiff
of bitch, thicken.  Lumber

the muddy bank toward her tang –
whap, whap, whapping morning-
long your thighs' insides.

High noon find her clawing the creek,
desperate for meat.  Mount and hump
her snarling carcass.  Sperm dump

complete, part tender to eviscerate fish
together.  Hump her again.  And again
until the brute fact of collapse.

After, nap at your favorite boulder.
If she follows, slash her snout.  Snooze
alone until sunset and rise, head to town.

On the way, read from the moon
which garbage to rummage
for tampons and love letters.

© 2001 Mitchell Metz

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