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About This Site
is a public-service website listing poetry and related events for Madison, Wisconsin and vicinity, featuring local poetic news, occasions and actual poems! E-mail us at to post coming events, list publications, submit for poem-of-the-fortnight or your own poetry page, make suggestions, et cetera. During 2003, had over 30,000 visitors with over 70,000 page views.

Genuine Intergalactic Fan E-mail received by this truly far-reaching website!

Cooool Website… But why no M22!?!?

Greetings webmaster
In Madison, Wisconsin,
Earth, Sol, Milky Way.

Galaxies abound!
V'lk'r weeps, his verse unheard.

Foolish humans! Far apart
but not alone, we.

Quantums and parsecs
these things escape me, stranded,
M22 my home.

Well met, then, we won't
destroy your Earth. But 'til then
we will watch the skies.

Please do not send mimes.
You have been warned, Earth poet.
You are not alone.

–V'lk''r the vowel-less.

© 2000 Thomas C. Mueller

Castle in Brittingham Park © Fibitz        in Brittingham Park</font>

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