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Favorite Links
Printed lit journals here
Online small magazines here

Send good ones to and please inform us if any links don't work. New links have *s. Listing does not imply a recommendation; read the description carefully!
Action Poetry Speed, spontaneity and responsiveness to others in the room.

AHA! "the glove on the hand of AHA!Books." Publishers of Lynx magazine, they also offer varied poetic info & opportunities, with emphasis on Japanese forms.

Alien Flower…where poets share ideas about poetry and its place in society. Also Writing Exercises and more.

Amniotic Meander Gorgeous visual and hypertext presentation by poet & editor Jennifer Ley.

The Apostrophe Protection Society An organization whose laudable goals and notable achievements (including the IgNobel Prize for Literature!) should be supported by grammar-lovers & pedants everywhere.

Bad Poetry Seamus Cooney's Bad Poetry reference site. As they say themselves, the preeminent internet publisher of literature, reference and verse, providing students and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and info free of charge. One of the largest free collections of verse on the web!

Charles Bernstein's Poetry Experiments The all-time, be-all, end-all cure for writer's block.

Carolina Navy This is poetic in nature, but quite peculiar. Avast, y'all.

Contemporary American Poetry Archive An archive of out-of -print poetry books.

Duotrope's Digest Database of current markets for short fiction and poetry.
Elite Skills A writing critique forum, unusual in that comments from those who post their poetry are mandatory.
The Emily Chesley Reading Circle Don't miss the Letters of Annoyance!

Eunoia by Christian Bök Brought to you by the letter e, in Flash.

Gorelets Yes, there is horror poetry!
Goth-O-Matic™ Poetry Generator Produce hellish, doom-stricken lyrics without having to actually suffer.
Guerilla Poetics Project "subversively hiding high-quality broadsides of high-quality poems … to be found by unsuspecting readers."
Haikus from Hell ooh yess indeedykins.
Here Comes Everybody Interesting Interviews with Writers (mainly Poets) On Writing.

Holy Tango of Literature Fall-off-your-futon anagrammatical parodies of Famous Poets—just keep scrolling down.

Luciferous Logolepsy English words that may stretch any basic definitions. Oh yeah.

Mainstream Poetry Avaunt, garde! Flarf, with an emphasis on amateur gynecology, at least the last time we saw it.

The Knox Writers’ House archives U.S. poets. The Map of Voices blog posts audio poetry from all over and all times.

New Pages: Lit Mags succinct info about what's new out there in the literary world.

Octothorp Press Not just one of my favorite words; a few interesting projects as well. I recommend the Boilerplate Series.

Origami Boulder Poet, artist AND entrepreneur. Need we say more? Quite a decent online poetry forum with elaborate services and useful tools.

Placesfor Resources for Canadian (and international) writers, updated daily with contests, calls for submission, and other writerly tidbits.
Plinko A truly unhealthy interest in words.

PoemFactotum will submit your precious poems to lit journals for a modest fee. Offers custom chapbook design and printing. Also, a few good rants. Highly recommended! The spawn of the infamous International Library of Poetry—you have been warned! Ostensible cash prizes; they will print anything you send in. Really; try it! Mine's here—or look on their site under F.J. Bergmann. Read Dave Barry's hilarious take on their scam in Dave Barry is from Mars and Venus. Relevant info may be found at describing this outfit and other nefarious web denizens of their ilk. Other names they have used are: "National Library of Poetry," "International Library of Poetry," "Pegasus Press," " Poetry Guild," "Watermark Press," "Birthwrites," "International Poetry Hall of Fame."

Poetry 180 Billy Collin's great site for high school students, and everyone else. Poem a day!

Poetry Daily More good poem-a-day stuff.

Poetry Express Tons of good stuff. And it will (practically) write your poems for you!, a web site dedicated to audio poetry. The poems on PoetryPoetry are pre-recorded readings by the original artists. We especially like David Cameron. We especially like the idea of false translations.

The Poetry Resource —by Patrick Martin—an extensive links collection.

Poets & Writers The lit trade magazine: great articles & interviews, and a comprehensive list of contests & awards. The Academy of American Poets.

Representative Poetry On-Line A glossary with other useful indices, thoughtfully provided by the English Dept. of the U. of Toronto. Watch out for those Anglicisms!

Resources For Poets Links to lots of useful writing articles.

Silliman's Blog A weblog focused on contemporary poetry and poetics.

Synesthesia Flash poetry from Felix Jung. Wonderful stuff.

Spondee Milwaukee-produced poets and poetry site; features Wisconsin poets.

UbuWeb International Dada/Surrealism resource. Yes! Major weirdness, with the single most beautiful object on the internet: The Word Egg of Ur Exercising.

WebDelSol Literary Locus, Culture Zone; an attractive array of interesting publications, including 5 Points and Codrescu's Exquisite Corpse. Inspiration for all. The most important source for writing poetry is reading it, and if Eric can read this many books and be an astrophysicist too, you should be able to get through a few yourself from time to time. Up-to-date listings of poetry and writng contests.

Writer's Digest Great articles & info for poets and other writers.

Word Chowder Light Verse, quite clever and quite, quite funny.

The Word Detective Ongoing etymology, and origins of terms and phrases as well. Oh, and don't forget the cute kittens.

The Word Spy Devoted to recently coined words and phrases, old words that are being used in new ways, and existing words that have enjoyed a recent renaissance.
Worthless Word of the Day … but no word is worthless to us poets, right?