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Online Literary Journals

Due to time constraints on the part of the web-being, a lack of commentary is no reflection on the quality of the journal. A long-overdue overhaul is in progress—groveling apologies for not getting to it sooner.

3 AM Magazine"The ability to dispense with writers altogether must represent something of a juicy prospect …"
3rd Page "produced in accordance with rules allowing so-called Embedded Art."
13th Warrior Review "a sonorous purr, poured with spirit syrup."
Abramelin A journal of Poetry and Magick.
Arras Devoted to exploring digital technology's impact on experimental poetics and occasionally putting out a.pdf journal. But eye candy is the best.
ars poetica Poetry about poetry, and its diapers are changed regularly.
The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks How could it not be cool, with a name like this?
Asinine Poetry A happy home where your really dumb, really funny poems will be treated kindly, fed wet food four times a day whether they need it or not, and bedecked with a fabulously appropriate clip art image. And you get to have a nom de plume.
Beard of Bees Home of Gnoetics. Gno there.
BeeHive Hypertext/hypermedia literary journal, with neat stuff like Outline of a Novel by the Storyteller Laureate of Hazlahan.
Big Bridge Geographically and substantially wide-ranging.
Blackbox "a record of the crash."
Blue Fifth Review Not only poems, but Section Titles. Like Sleep Screen with Lavish Proportions.
Born Magazine, "marrying literary arts and interactive media … through creative collaboration between writers and artists." Enviably slick programming. See "A Birthday in Four Parts."
Chantarelle's Notebook No-frills site that appears to be deliberately seeking out little-known, interesting poets.
Compass Rose Surreal, transgressive work.
creaturemag "a magazine of folk sensibilities."
DIAGRAM Unlike many journals online and otherwise, its name relates directly to the contents—there is a Schematics section, too. And, refreshingly, there are Explanations.
Double Room "to explore the intersection of prose poetry and flash fiction."
diode "electropositive poetry." A Journal of the Arts.
E O A G H We're not sure what's up with these guys.
eratio Specializing in postmodern poetry, poetics and eidetics, edited by Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino, which seems to involve, inter alia, asylum protocol, tertiary syphilis, and fada emporiums. We are prepared to suspend our disenchantment with black-and-white here.
Espresso Stories Not micro-, but nano-fiction, or eentsy prose poems, if you like. We like. Borgesian, real magic. 
failbetter "Fail again. Fail better."  —Samuel Beckett
Foliate Oak Lovely site and images; interesting work.
horse less review An occasional electronic journal of poetry and fiction, steady hands & wild hairs. Goats, too.
Jacket Poetics, interviews, and more.
La Petite Zine where there is an Ozzy Osbourne Sestina! Highly-regarded, and rightly so.
Los Really bright colors and Flash poetry too! My idea of a good time.
M Review Entertaining and Canadian.
Mad Hatters' Review Very, very visuals-and-music oriented—"the Age of Dementia."
Malleable Jangle "The word 'malleable' expresses a desire/love to see language manipulated into new ways of expression. 'Jangle' defines a musicality that allows the work to resonate in the reader's consciousness."
Maverick Magazine American poetic arts, except lots of it isn't American. Needs a navigator.
McSweeneys Internet Tendency Silliest of all: Anna Karenina, or Like, Most of It. Way cool.
Milk magazine hopes to make contact with the spirit of poetry via the electronic pulse.

Mobius The Journal of Social Change. With a Hate Mail section—how cool is that?!

Moria Spare, elegant, pushing the language envelope.
My Favorite Bullet Not for the faint-hearted. Gritty, graphic, depressing. Slower to load than one might expect.
New River An amazing hypertext journal. See Fibonacci's Daughter!
New Verse News "Politically progressive poetry on current events and topical issues."
Noö Journal Not to be confused with the above. One of the few literary journals to have an official banjo band.
The Pedestal Striving for diversity and eclecticism.
Perigee For the Arts, an Orbiting Body comin' your way in Regular Installments. See, hear, read, experience! Broader, longer, and more scenic than its splash page suggests.
Press 1 A great new publication edited by Arlene Ang, from Italy.
qarrtsiluni Themes, doled out in small but frequent doses.
RealPoetik The oldest little magazine on the Web; edited by Sal Salasin. "the vernacular, quotidian, witty and postmodern." Free e-mail subscription!
r i g h t  h a n d  p o i n t i n g "an online literary journal of very brief pieces for smart people with short attention spans"
Shampoo Check out "chaos shirt."
six little things You know: paragraph things.

Snow Monkey Do not pass up a tour of the Ravenna Hotel.

Stirring A Literary Collection; has published local poets. Me, for instance.
Strange Horizons More insidious science fiction casting its pall over civilization. A global poetry jounal; theme issues.
Tattoo Highway Good poems and the "picture worth a thousand words" contest in each issue.
Wheelhouse "This quarterly is but one ship in the Armada of Mutiny."