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Print journals that publish poetry

Due to time constraints on the part of the web-being, a lack of relevant commentary is no reflection on the quality of the journal. A long-overdue overhaul is in progress—groveling apologies for not getting to it sooner.

1913: A Journal of Forms Note that this does not mean forms as in sonnets, etc.

AGNI Flying Monkeys outta Boston. And they have a very nice webzine too.

Alehouse Imagining iambic insults!
Alimentum The only literary review all about food.
Atlanta Review Much better than its junk-food website would indicate.

Beloit Poetry Journal Excellent since 1950.

The Binnacle Really fun little tiny box of cards!

Bitter Oleander "Highly deep-image driven poetry."

Black Zinnias Features international writers.

Blue Unicorn No, not a fantasy magazine.
Callaloo  The premier African Diaspora literary journal: publishes original works by, and critical studies of, black writers worldwide.
Cannibal Flesh-eating poems inside truly attractive hand-printed and -sewn covers.
Chain Writing and art gathered loosely around a topic, saying something about the topic that is not already known.

Dreams & Nightmares Yes, this is SF and fantasy poetry.

Factorial Trilingually yours, in English, French, and Japanese.

Fish Drum "the ultimate beach read for Bodhisattvas."
Hotel Amerika Fearless, big-time.
Illumen Speculative poetry.
Jubilat "not only the best in contemporary American poetry, but … reprints, found pieces, lyric prose, art, and interviews."
Juked Oddly expanding little parenthetical summaries of their sample poems. Nice photos, too.
The Kenyon Review "to identify exceptionally talented emerging writers, especially from diverse communities."

Light Unserious poetry; the best kind.

Lumina Academia only, except for their contest.

Main Streeet Rag "There is nothing like the smell and feel of paper pulp."

Mississippi Review "We like dogs. We like cats"
Mythic Delirium Science fiction, fantasy, horror, surreal and cross-genre poetry is poetry too.

New Letters Writing & art: in print and on the air.

No: A Journal of the Arts Yes; one editor is Ben Lerner, author of The Lichtenberg Figures.
North American Review "The nation’s oldest literary magazine and among its most distinguished"
Opium Live Well Now (No Matter What), and regular Things.

The Paris Review Illustrious, international.

Pavement Saw On the cutting edge of American poetics since its inception. Also puts out a series of nice books.

Pearl Elegant literary magazine.

Phoebe Experimental and other stuff; neat site.

Pleiades Estimable and attractive.

Poesy Free; poetry with lengthy interviews and articles.

Poetry The important American poetry journal. Newly improved with tons o' $.
Potomac Review "Writers … are introspective, verbal creatures."

Prairie Schooner More than eighty years of publication!

The Raintown Review "The nation’s oldest literary magazine and among its most distinguished"

Rattle "Poetry for the 21st century"; good, too.

Red Rock Review Out of Las Vegas!
Reed Antedates the Internet.
Rhino "the little magazine with a big horn."

Rosebud What Ray Bradbury calls "a beautiful magazine." Us too.

Scifaikuest "creatures too horrible to mention. We have joined scifaiku and tanka."

Skanky Possum Unusual essays, cutting-edge poems, cross-cultural.

Solo Café Poetry journal, with pretty covers.

The Southeast Review “What led up to this ruinous and humiliating business?"

Southern Poetry Review Semi-annnual, with leading poets and hot picks.

Sow's Ear Review A "distinctive, cohesive venue linking poetry and kindred arts."

Spoon River Poetry Review Mention a Famous Dead Poet for a half-price subscription.

Tales of the Unanticipated Speculative fiction/poetry out of Minneapolis.
Tar River Has been named one of the top ten lit mags in the country.
Tiferet A Journal of Spiritual Literature—to help reveal Spirit through the written word.
Ur-Vox "The limbic or underlying voice (the ur) embracing all phases of surrealism early and late, experiments in broken and erotic grammars, works of ecstatic religion or unreligion, and heady documents of the machine age (the vox)." Woof. Yeah.
Van Gogh's Ear Out of France, with Big Names.

West Wind Review strives to publish diverse and accessible writing that reveals the human condition.

Wicked Alice Not afraid to use the word "defenestration."

Words + Images Attractive print journal—but you wouldn't know it from the current website.