Featured Poem 12/22/01:

from A Hell of a Novel

Epilog: Speech to the Nation

I remember the guy saying "Melville? I dig 'The Enchiladas'" & he meant
"The Encantadas." I remember because it was me. Or was I thinking of
"Benito Cereno"? What is it about punctuation I find so appealing, so

I dog the enchantments. The first stage of nostalgia. The will is well &
righted. Wrought on, my brother. If I told you I could give serene good.
The appeal was wrongly denied. Behavioral study in a nuts hell. The
misguided unledness of "tamp on, my sister!" Tiring implies tired, the day
"wealth dish" woes.

Freeze. Backs behind your heads. Beheld the fro's or back behind the
unseens. Head hand hold way track much. The de-emboldened assault of
mob consensus. Freaks! To bash in the heads of the enemy bash in your own
first to see if it'll work.

Lack & lade. Trifle corpse. Righted face-thing. Look smarted. Jestin', the
other out. Uncook off. Squad thirst. Margin to guhlorry. Them big fuckin
wheels man.

© 2001 Steve Timm

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