Margaret Benbow's poems have been published in Poetry, The Kenyon Review, The Antioch Review, The Spoon River Poetry Review, Prairie Schooner and many others. Her work has appeared in anthologies such as The Journey Home, Wisconsin Poetry, and most recently the new edition of John Frederick Nim's Western Wind.

Benbow has won several awards, including the Paulette Chandler Literary Award from the Council of Wisconsin Writers. In 1997 she received the Walt McDonald First Book Award for her collection Stalking Joy, which was published by TTUP. She has now completed a second collection.

Benbow began writing short stories a few years ago. These have been published in Zoetrope, The Georgia Review, the anthology Wisconsin Fiction, and elsewhere. She's now at work on a novel whose first chapter, "Boy Into Panther," may be seen in short story form on the Zoetrope site.

Margaret Benbow

d.b. appleton
photo by Sandra Wojtal


Today a poet friend sent me images of himself in performance

unbelievably, 2378k, bringing down my e-mail address at 115%.

are several different views of him at a lectern, so that one could
admire him

from every angle. What is it about poets? He’s a pretty good guy

I told my brother Larry about this, and said I was glad to be

free from such juvenile vanity myself. Larry then brought up, completely

I feel, a painful scene at a reading where some punk kid

himself by making the big mistake of supposing that it was his turn to read.
It was MY turn.

Larry said that he much admired “the steely smile with which you refused
to yield the boards,” but that some might call it vanity.

Oh, bullshit.