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2005 Previously Featured
: a new poem was posted approximately every now and then. We hope to return to the poem-a-fortnight paradigm when we have a life of leisure.

2004 featured poems

2003 featured poems

2000, 2001, & 2002 featured poems


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Poem 69 DAY ONE Ron Czerwein
Poem 71 LATE WINTER Jennifer Jones
Poem 72 CRÈME BRULÉE Mindy Habecker
Poem 73 Missing the Elevator Richard Merelman
Poem 74 Under a Hotter Sun, Brighter Dust … Rebecca Lemke
Poem 75 FOR MONDAY, THAT. Greg Markee
Poem 76 RETURNING HOME John Lehman
Poem 77 OCTOBER REVOLUTION Jeremy Strandberg
Poem 78 DEMOCRACY Laura Sims
Poem 79 SUN DRESS David Hart