Rebecca Susan Lemke

My e-mail is and I can be reached at 608-216-6686. I love the idea of collaborating with people who are inspired and passionate; I'm a poet and I paint abstract art; my current goal is to combine art and poetry. I've been featured in The Cynic, Edgar, CC&D, Mystic Prophets, GypsyMag and Serenity.


A silhouette beyond my own suggestions
I'm hunting down scenes pieces of me
trapping my secrets like hidden animals
haunting my own dreams out
beneath this forest

maybe I've landed here
where my voice is still because
here I've been waiting

love me emerged love me submerged.

   *    *     *      *       *


feelings rising into full bodied reasons
to never stop dancing
inspired sudden and loving bold
beat in beat
this abstract chaos
in this aware
cut into me
I pull roots up
all of my energy
my void
pronounce my void even territory
I eclipse claiming beauty

surfacing and yet still
digging body moving

inner earth awakening
share something
of chaos

   *    *     *      *       *


Escaping a dream split off into
many different voices and
in the end none of them mine
I got the underlining urge to never talk again

mapping all my soft spots where the doors
inside aren't really locked
on the way to them
I'm the way to them I take note

I'm waiting patiently for unfolding
syncronisity with favorite things
symbols as people
some divine unity that notices the all of
me and includes me

a hold on my attention
no further existence as deprivation
my body is my curtsy of will power
my love is my art is my love

I realize I can not give pieces of myself
away and gentleness redeems itself
I'm connected to everything I disconnected from
standing as far away as I can
my past is my future waking me up

strength I have to really prove needs room and some simple truth
a follow through from a past life or a marvel that awakened me from the
unconscious world that still lures me
shadow bones merge trying to stand on their own defied a deep gate.

   *    *     *      *       *