Featured Poem 11/6/08

Possible Side Effects

May include: dilated pupils, a runny or stuffy
anus, burning nipples, phosphorescent vomit,
exploding blood vessels. See your doctor
as soon as possible
if you experience obvious
shrinkage, heavy ear bleeds, overnight toe growth,
frequent neck sweats, elongation of eye sockets,
or blackened tongue. Visit an emergency physician
for ribcage collapse, genital reversal, spotted blue
skin, persistent eye pus, sudden incontinence, acute
sensitivity to voices, or sympathetic pregnancy. In
rare cases, complete loss of motor function may occur.

NOTE: This medicine is not excreted in tear ducts.
An allergic reaction is likely in a low percentage
of users but could lead to complete neurological
cell death. Do not share this medication with family
members or friends. The prescription will not be
necessary for an extended time.

—Marilyn Annucci

previously appeared in la fovea

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