Featured Poem 7/5/07

Charnel House

Wings like tents, flapping shadows swoop to devour
the mushroom swells and pushes the cranium
until your eyes seep crimson and gold flecks
do you remember how you got here, woman?

How the gourd faces frighten little girls
and the spores rain down like earthy angel dust
trains rattle you awake but the tracks lead to nowhere
under the waves of another regime
and the gasoline fumes distill your speech to thick water
what echoes … what echoes:
You cannot escape your own mind, young lady
You have to ride me out

Where is the murderer, has he left you?
his every word another scorpion
how did the world get so concave and suspended-
you are the little pigeon afraid of the bats
and there is no one to calm your heart, here
do you think tomorrow will save you with his sanity?
tomorrow eats naïve girls like you.

—Cherree Wellman

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