Featured Poem 4/23/07

one volume

all cry
and the decibels to their loudest
there is no pain in greater amplitude
there is no greater sound than the greatest sound
no matter
all cry
no matter to say what
no matter for democracy
what is that?
is democracy volume or content?
what does democracy have to do with sound anyway?
all cry
I am listless
ballot screams and
passion rants and
say fuck but
say it loudly and
I will decide what it means
and if a radio turn it loud
the whos horton heard
a model to them
all cry
and then we have a voice
and the hands do bang them
the pots and cymbals the drum pots
charge at them loudly in voice
all cry
loudly and loudest and
when a breath is gone then grab another and
scream demons and warfare and
all the time certainty
all the time louder and
if you believe no one listens do not believe this
if you believe it does not matter do not believe this
if you believe there is a limit to loudness do not believe this
all cry
and concern yourself with vision not now
call out dragons and yell fire at dragons
lungyell at history
pitch screams at tomorrow and then
think of something else to yell about

—Greg Markee

from Guitar Lessons
© 2007

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