Linda Schumacher

Wife, mother and grandmother.

“Be kind to each other, we're all we have.”

Flashback Metaphor

Resurgent, painful memories; beating, beating, beating

I feel like a bird
Trapped in a garage

Panicked and heart pounding
Urge to escape

Suddenly, the garage door opener hums
The door slides open

Prayerful quiet envelops me
And I am at peace once again.


Damn You, Norman Rockwell

1960 Christmas
Christmas tree in the corner
Presents scattered below

Extended family around the table
Grandma brings in the turkey
Everyone looks on in amazement
Laughing, pleasant conversation

And afterwards, gifts gleefully opened
Wrapping paper flying …

2012 Christmas
A homeless oldest son and daughter-in-law
Living on the streets
Granddaughter being raised by someone else

Husband, wife and youngest son
Helping serve dinner for the poor
And tried not to notice their own pervasive sadness

What did we do wrong?

I want a Norman Rockwell Christmas.

This one hurts my heart.