art paul sclosser with guitar and kazooArt Paul Schlosser
is currently healthy and doing well. He performs not only on State Street but also at various nightclubs throughout Wisconsin. He now lives at:

2019 Sherman Ave #11
Madison WI 53704

or check out his website at

Art's youtube channel is now at

Here are a couple of his poems:

Life Makes Me Smile

Delightfully life makes you smile
With little secrets like birds singing
Snowflakes come on a winter day with a dancing style
Awesome things fly on the wind like a child in a swing swinging

The sun rises with a lovely red sky
A friend calls you up with a surprise visit
Sure, times are sad when someone dies
But the funeral brings old friends to come and sit
The cold air lets you see your breath as you breathe
Icicles form on the side of the roof gothic like
The flowers come too soon in march to tease
Before you know it it's almost time to ride your bike

Yes, there are little smiles and twinkling stars
A butterfly on a warm summer day to tickle you
A special hat on sale at a store that reaches out where you are
Your mind starts singing a song like the happy morning dew
All these things make me want to jump and dance
Thank God he gave me reasons not to give up
I may not be a gardener but I must admit you have pretty plants
I count my blessings when the going gets tough

•  •  •  •  •

Ode to The Pen

The inventor of the pen
Gave me a real friend
Whenever I'm bored with nothing to do
Or when I'm really feeling blue

I write a poem or two and I'm happy again
Sometimes hearts can mend
Because someone writes to them
To help them get through
Their dark and scary mood

That’s how a storm can end
Pens are fun and cool
At home or at your school
Your poem made me melt
I just had to tell you how I felt
With words that almost made you drool

Some people speak with their voice
Some people speak with their buying choice
Some people know karate and have a black belt
But when a writer wants to talk, they need a pen to help
To them it means more than a castle or a Rolls Royce

•  •  •  •  •

Rainbow Haiku

When it stopped raining
The rainbow came out to play
I thought of dancing