auroraLeona Florence
was born in 1989. She loves riding horses. She is obsessed with animals. She enjoys doing art. Her favorite color is blue


The middle of my cerebellum is made of animals and plants.
Listen only to the animals; they are the only ones that make sense.
When you hear the screaming of the speechless rainforest trees burning,
the door will open and the plants will laugh until their leaves fall apart.
The door will slam behind you. Don't scream.

Just watch; the fiery rage will clear and the white-hot knives will vanish.
A shaken child with fear and sadness soaking her body with silent tears
will be sitting in an armchair. Don't talk to her; she lost everything
she loved and you might become one of them.
If you are quiet for an hour she will point a bloody finger.

Follow the silver light that races in that direction for nine miles.
There will be a nature lab; go in and tell them I sent you.
They will offer you orange cherry tomatoes from their garden.
Take them, but don't touch the candy on the sapphire coffee table.

They will show you the way out but not the safe way
until you convince them that you are their friend.
They will tell you about the little girl in the armchair. She is me.

© 2001 Leona Bergmann


When you receive a plastic bag
with a blue substance
handle it with caution.

And avoid anything
that will puncture the bag.
When inside the house make sure
all papers have been put into
drawers or under paperweights.

Open the bag just an inch:
the bag will then shoot open
and a disastrous wind will shake the house.

To get it back inside the bag,
go outside and hold it open.
Shout You're only a Blue Zephyr butterfly!
The blue zephyr will then
dash into the bag as nothing.

© 2001 Leona Bergmann


Pale green, rose and crimson fires blocking buildings and lights from another world in galaxies away. You're part of it as you stand transfixed watching the dancing colors while the world in the sky comes into focus.

© 2001 Leona Bergmann


My daughter thinks she's the universe since she burst into flame. We are her servants, made of wood, not wanting to burn to ash.

© 2001 Leona Bergmann


Away from people, in the woods, in the sunshine, cats of all ages gather around to enjoy themselves. Kittens play with balls, bows, spools, and other trinkets while moms and dads lie around to enjoy a nap!

© 2001 Leona Bergmann