andy gricevich photoAndy Gricevich
is a writer, actor, director and musician living in Madison, Wisconsin. He recently ended his seven-year exile in San Diego, where he studied philosophy and poetry and performed contemporary chamber music and theater, and is happy to be back in the Midwest. As one half of the cabaret/satire duo The Prince Myshkins, he has traveled the country singing wordy, funny, irate songs at large protests and in classrooms, coffeehouses, living rooms and sheds. His poems have been, or will be, published by Spineless Books,
Mirage #4/Period(ical), and Unlikely Stories.

asked about the names

the grammar worn out? Aloof.       the gangs who used


      and that’s a reading


What’s wrong in the look comes back
                    More space

a better example of his philosophy than he could come up with

      though, if, given that, under
      next, sward, time

objects are accumulation
or rather records kept

I got a less renowned in the mall
there’s some reason

                                  crass versus insidious
                                         is a universe
                                           (fuck you)
                                         to not embrace

people feared


       objects are a gas

from A Screening
of the First Thirty-five Refugees
as Filmed by V. and Assistants
After the Wrong Target Got Hit

Five televised toy cars
about to run together
like ink

No-one is listening
for the sound

Bomb vaporizes, dishes squeak

The density of the shifting of densities
is very interesting

Voice and sequence

They’re making a deal
on the high stone wall
between the villages

The galaxy, seen from afar,
would look

the same, but in the evening
things will be turning out

under the terms,
counterinsurgent in their
whiteness. The explosion
is delayed; Statue or Bust

Wrong town. Across the crawl
(the strip at the base of the screen,
also known as the “ticker”)

words scroll:
x, y, and the illusion of depth

x, y, and the illusion of z
scrambled, smeared

the specifics
enter the picture

in the form of planes                   routes
traced             across             the desert

Trees scribbled over

for the sake of the scribble
or of scribbling

more or less
densely composed

Argument can be similar

Then again, no line is necessary

Each day the instruments recorded the spectre pacing, narrowly skirting
the well’s rim at the far end of the colonnade

“To see into the depths
presupposes depth”

the man on the frozen horse

fell into decline

I hear these trees sound
graphed to you. Frozen
and intrinsic limbs, smooth bark feigning ahistoricality

—a financier comes on
slow, like a bomb
on the news:

“Between sycamore and its analogies
yawns the chasm of everything human”

Whatever it is,
its sonata’s truer than its statue

Things, like themes, are held apart
so that they may collide

or slide around one another

Here is a horse
arguing by motion
for its continuous absence
from the field, and in the field

The Acting President tried to sketch this, quaked, slept

dreaming the blur of points

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Next time

made something

to have happened
A closed mouth

gathers no feet
(it said)

We respond
to a picture
as if
more than
are the problems

to the max

in the blood
they let