Shantara Glenn

Shantara is a Madison eastsider.
Love for her Lord, harmony in reason and compassion for the complexities of humankind, drive the thematic landscape, lyricism and tempo of her work.

The Makings of …

Make me more,
for I have put in
my time.

Make me more,
no tap dancin’,
no denying; for
this is my time.

To refuse me
would be a crime.
Make me more.

Patience a new,
so keep it real
and without further
a due. Make me more.

Loving the low; lifting the loathed.
Lavishing the less deserving who
denounce behind closed doors.
Make me more.

As emotions escalade and this heart
parachutes like an orphaned renegade.
I remain stayed, and wait and wait and wait.
Make me more.

  •   •   •   •   •

When I Think About It…

When I think about it—I get dumfounded.
All the love in my heart—that I feel, knowing
It is real. Really mine.
And as times change,
My affections for you reach a higher plane.
Have you detected this? I want a kiss!

This is more than a poetic email.
Hell girl I’ll even eat your watermelon rind—

Would you be my valentine?
No need to answer now. Please ponder being mine.
See it is not about merely passing time because
I am already a millionaire, with you as my life line.

Thus, when I think about it,
There is no doubt about—
I know the answer is yes.
My life’s commitment to you
Being the only test, and according
To the smile on your face every morning
And night I know at last, God willing
I am sure to pass. And for this gift I remain …