Joey Dunscombe

year – 1975
make – joey dunscombe
model – poet(?) and mc of the open mic @ genna's (meako spind every monday signup @ 9.30 for freaks of all natures), oh and i make my money as a chef at The Weary Traveler on Willy St


photo by fibitz

joey dunscombe


it's the day that she says
i love you
and i don't respond
and she's fine with it
like a smile to the jazz musician
after a jam
applause would have meant setting down my drink
she already knows what the smile means
me knowing her knowing me
the bond between friends
the noise it makes
drowns out the city


* * * * * * * * *


beer breath again and he's drinking gin
he says
so i stink like beer
and he stinks like arrogance
abercrombie and finch mail order
pardon me
eeee-mail order

money bags martinis falling out of his sleeves
with fifties for stems
i'm still workin'

i've got gin breath now his stems are puking rich vodka
and he still smells the beer on my breath from this morning
(i've eaten twice)
the blood hound nose seeking out my down falls,
smokin' women smokin' women on his coattails like feathers in a sex pillow