Joseph Brewer



the loss of this bar burned a hole in my heart
now where can my talented friends play?
the place was simple and corny and I loved it
the western gear and the shingled bar overhang
here in Madison the greated bands played
right here in our little hole in the wall
the little gang that organized the shows
took out the trash and collected those autographed pictures
they hustled an incredible stream of music, beer,
fans, noise and smoke through that building
some of the best times had in Madison
I loved Mike Watt's shows at O'CAYZ CORRAL
packed shoulder to shoulder couldn't scratch your nose
the crowd enthralled by the stellar trio
our hearts beat as one, we held a collective sigh
we were mesmerized taut as drum skins, guitar strings
I hugged the drummer once
he stepped from the stage wet as from a swimming pool
the dusty western trappings, the pressed tin ceiling
wide open floor the crowds herded across
O'CAYZ CORRAL was larger than life to me!
I can't believe the little hole left in the ground
all the screaming power, the thundering gigs
could have blown a hundred big buildings to smithereens

Joseph Richard Brewer
Madison Sanity in the twenty first century


2001 Joseph Brewer