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I remember the tingling in my fingers
when I turned the transmitter on for the first time,
hearing the carrier take over 88.3 F.M. and the
pure clean silence of 100 watts of transmission.

It was my turn on the turntable, on the mic,
on the air, on my terms, and enough power to
cover the entire city and all of the outskirts.

The word was out in regards to the event.
They were ready to listen and I was ready
to rock.

At 10 p.m. sharp, I turned up the mic and said,
"Welcome to WGAF. Who Gives A Fuck if it's
illegal. It's good. . ."

And BANG, White Punks On Dope, by the Tubes
tore into the airwaves.

"Teenage had a race for the night time. . ."

And it was good.
And it was loud.
And it was out there in middle America and
no one was getting paid for it.

The word was out.
Perhaps too much so.

At exactly 10:05 p.m., the knock at the door came.
The small group of agents armed with a warrant for
search and seizure rushed in and rushed out with the
100 watts of illegal freedom.

And that's how I got into the book of world records
for the shortest lived radio station and I had to put off
buying a copy of the book until I paid off the fine and
short jail time for 5 minutes of pure bliss.

© 2003 Jeff Black

• • • • •


If I were to ever, fall into the sea,
and take to the water,
I'd want you with me.

If the sun were to fade and the planets collide,
I'd walk in the chaos,
with you by my side.

If I could fly in the sky while I sing,
I'd want your harmony,
my next door wing.

If the masses went mad and the goal of peace died,
we would find shelter,
together we'd hide.

If on this lone eve I am faced with my death,
I will be smiling,
before my last breath,

just knowing you are alive.

© 2003 Jeff Black

• • • • •

Heh Heh

The other night,
I was involved in an activity in which
I really enjoy doing,
in an unusual place.

And suddenly,
my x-wife popped into my mind.
I probably shouldn't be thinking about
HER while I'm doing THIS,
I thought.

I quickly wiped my ass, flushed,
and went back to my barstool.

© 2003 Jeff Black