Mike Katzberg
is 27 and lives with a room-mate and a cat. He's had over ten poems published in
The Carillon, and also edited there for two years. He's had numerous poems in several newsletters, and on some popular zines such as Poetry Super Highway, The Dark Side of the Web, and Pagan Muse, in addition to other miscellaneous published works over the years. He also co-authored an award-winning cemetery tour book. He is currently involved in poetry readings on a semi-regular basis, including work with some local performance groups: Fishmole, and Urban Monkey Market. In 1998 Mike received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from the University of Regina, where he was very active in the poetry scene, and did some community readings with Actio. He has continued on more recently with some post-graduate courses at the U of R.


we are the chosen few children
never before came again
never we knew before

manned and unveiled
the veil torn from the virgin's panting lips
cherub, denizen of darkness
fingertips touching white walls in the darkness

mad and losing it all
chained and transcending a staircase
consumed by all life's abstractions

Handing Celestial

In the hands of a man
  there is only day
    a warm dry bread

In the hands of gods
  so multifaceted I realign
    a lake in the well of time

Hands over hands
  with laughter's twilight perdure
    don't remind me, but with a kiss

Hand over heart
  still and drum-like
    duty calls duty
    such sweet bliss!