Adriana DeCastro
Brazilian artist and poet living in New York; see more at


I look through my eyes; I see the libidos of the dream living free;
My imagination emphasizing all the abundances physiologic inside of me;
Making believe in the incarnation of the unconscious;
Drawing the makeup of my mind, with psychic energy;
Willingly, graciously from fairyland eternity;
Visions from edges of the earth, on the coastlines before my eye; 
Sensing the perception condensing from beyond.
I look through my eyes; I see a mirror clairvoyantly;
Lyrical performances, intriguing paranormal forms;
Psychoanalytic secrets, transcending all the analytical sciences;              
Empirical manifestation, receiving the reincarnations;
From forces of the senses, in the division of the mind;
Speculum of natural prelude, prompting physiognomies;
In micro, cellules, of colors, in micro seconds, of time.
Anonyms, vibration from extraterrestrial life;
Communiqué in silence, where I must be! what I must see!     
Phantasms adopting the substances of my plasma;
Drawing metamorphoses of peoples in a virtual acknowledgement;                                                                                                           
Physique, requiem: touched with magic, surrendered by synergic ethics;        
Physique, enlighten the messages of the mediums, elucidating me;
Metropolis: with spiritual devices; divining illusions insoluble in the light.
A biogenetic intriguing inside, with all the dharma, with all the karma;  
Invisible physiographic, becoming phenomenon of geography;
Experiences of living the course of existences underlining the coexistences;  
Vigorous plane, where I am hypnotized by tangible evidence;
Evidence that the yesterdays will be today, today will be tomorrow;
Tomorrow will be you … steering my subconscious;
Ancient of my theosophy, thinking that I am living;
Life in the fantasy: mediums of my art awakening in your dream.