April 1 Deadlines
4/1/16 Cave Canem Northwestern University Press Poetry Prize Prizes: $1,000, publication, and reading Fee: $20 to Cave Canem Foundation
Cave Canem Foundation
Cave Canem Poetry Prize
629 Noyes Street
Evanston, IL  60208
  Judge: TBA
Notify: June
Second book manuscript: The Cave Canem Northwestern University Press Poetry Prize is a second-book award for African American poets, offered every other year. Submit two copies of a manuscript of 50 to 75 pages with a $20 entry fee. This award celebrates and publishes works of lasting cultural value and literary excellence. Winner receives $1,000, publication by Northwestern University Press, 15 copies of the book and a featured reading.

4/1/16 The Cowles Poetry Book Prize Prizes: $2,000, 30 copies, and publication Fee: $25
Southeast Missouri State University Press
One University Plaza, MS 2650
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
  Judge: Susan Swartwout, editor
Notify: Fall
Book manuscript: Individual poems in the manuscript may have been published previously in a chapbook, magazines, journals or anthologies, but the work as a whole must be unpublished. Translations and previously self-published books are not eligible. Open to any poet writing in English, age 18 or older, regardless of publication history. Send 48-100 pages of poetry—any style or theme—with a table of contents and an acknowledgements page for any previously published poems. The page count doesn't include the table of contents or acknowledgements. No online submissions. Manuscripts must be typed, one poem to a page, each page numbered, with the following information on a separate title page: Contest title, Manuscript title, Author name, Address, Telephone number, Email (if available) This information must not appear anywhere else on the manuscript. Contestants may submit more than one manuscript, but a separate entry fee and title page must accompany each manuscript. For a copy of the winning book, please enclose a total payment of $29 ($4 for the book). Receipt acknowledged with SASP. Manuscripts will not be returned. Please let us know immediately if your manuscript is accepted elsewhere. All manuscripts will be recycled.

4/1/16 Frost Farm Poetry Prize Prizes: $1,000, publication, reading Fee: $5
Robert Crawford
The Frost Farm Prize
280 Candia Rd.
Chester, NH 03036
  Judge: David J. Rothman
Poems: Poems must be original, unpublished and metrical (any metrical form). No translations. There is no limit to the number of poems entered by an individual, but an entry fee of $5 U.S. per poem must accompany the submission. You are welcome to submit a poem sequence (a crown of sonnets for example) but each poem must be entered as a separate file and will be judged individually. An entry fee of $5 U.S. per poem must accompany the submission (entry fees from outside the United States must be paid in cash or by check drawn on a U.S. bank). Make checks payable to "Hyla Brook Poets." Please type the author's name, address, phone number and e-mail address on the back of each entry. Each entry will be submitted to the judge anonymously.

4/1/16 The Allen Ginsberg Poetry Prize Prizes: $1,000, $200, $100, publication, reading Fee: $18 to PCCC
Maria Mazzioti Gillan, Executive Director
Poetry Center
Passaic County Community College
One College Boulevard
Paterson, NJ 07505-1179
(973) 684-6555 Judge:
Notify: summer
Poems: Awarded for a group of unpublished poems in honor of Allen Ginsberg's contribution to American literature. Entry fee includes subscription to The Paterson Literary Review. Send SASE or see website for complete guidelines. Up to five poems per person will be accepted for consideration. Four copies of each poem should be submitted. No poem should be more than two manuscript pages. Poems should not have the poet's name on them; instead a separate sheet should list the poet's name, address, phone number and the titles of the poems. Poems cannot be returned. Please do not submit poems that imitate Allen Ginsberg's work. Fee must accompany submission, (in the memo section of the check write "Poetry Contest"). $40 "bounced check" fee. Only unpublished poems may be submitted. Do not call the College in reference to the Contest. Winners will be notified by mail. Winners' names will also appear in newspaper announcements. Include SASE for a list of winners.

4/1/16 Indiana Review Poetry Prize Prizes: $1,000 and publication Fee: $20
enter online   Judge: Camille Rankine
3 poems: All entries considered for publication. Send no more than 3 poems per entry, 8 pages max. All entries considered anonymously. Previously published works and works forthcoming elsewhere cannot be considered. Simultaneous submissions okay, but fee is non-refundable. Multiple entries okay, as long as a separate reading fee is included with each entry. Cover letter must include name, address, phone number, and titles. Fee entitles entrant to a one-year subscription.

4/1/16 Poetry International Prize Prizes: $1,000 and publication Fee: $15 to Poetry International
Poetry International
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-6020
  Judge: Sam Taylor
5 poems: The prize is for the best original poem, and the winner will receive $1,000 and publication in Poetry International. In addition, three finalists will be published in that same issue and five honorable mentions will be designated and considered for publication. Only previously unpublished work will be considered for the contest. Please include your name, phone number, and email on the cover sheet of your submission only, as well as an SASE and a check for $15. That reading fee will cover up to five poems, but you can include additional poems for $3 each. Online submission at website.

4/1/16 Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize Prizes: $2,000 and publication Fee: $30 to Saturnalia Books
enter online   Judge: DA Powell
Notify: August
Book manuscript: Manuscript must be an original work of poetry written in English. Manuscript must be at least 48 pages in length (not including foreword material). Author’s name and contact information should not appear on manuscript. Former students who have studied "poetry writing" with the judge are ineligible to enter. Notification will be sent to your e-mail address.

4/1/16 The Richard Snyder Memorial Publication Prize Prizes: $1,000, 50 copies, and publication Fee: $25/$27 to The Ashland Poetry Press
The Richard Snyder Memorial Publication Prize
The Ashland Poetry Press
Ashland University
Ashland, OH 44805

Judge: Andrew Hudgins
Book manuscript: Original collection of poems of 50 to 80 pages with no more than one poem per page. Single spaced, letter quality printer, bound by a single clip: no folders or notebooks. Title page with name, address, phone number, and email address if available. $25 reading fee made payable to The Ashland Poetry Press; $27 online. For notification, enclose a #10 SASE. All manuscripts other than the winning one will be recycled.

4/1/16 Wergle Flomp Poetry Contest Prizes: $1,000, $250, publication and other stuff Fee: none
online only
Call us toll-free
Judge: Jendi Reiter
Notify: August 15
Poem: 1) Find a vanity poetry contest, a contest with low standards whose main purpose is to entice poets to buy expensive products like anthologies, chapbooks, CDs, plaques and silver bowls. Vanity contests will often praise remarkably bad poems in their effort to sell as much stuff to as many people as possible. See site for an example of a vanity contest that accepts nearly everything. 2) Make up a deliberately absurd, strange, laugh-out-loud parody poem. See site for an example. 3) Submit your parody poem to a vanity contest as a joke. 4) After you've done steps 1-3, submit your entry to the Wergle Flomp Poetry Contest on the website. 5) There is no fee to submit to the Wergle Flomp Poetry Contest. Poets of all nations are welcome. Your poem must be in English (inspired gibberish also accepted). Please submit only one poem. If you submit more than one, only your latest entry will be considered. Poems may be of any length.

April 9 Deadlines
4/9/16 Gulf Coast Prize in Poetry Prizes: $1,500, (2x)$250, and publication Fee: $23 to Gulf Coast
Gulf Coast Prize in [Genre]
Department of English
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204-3013
  Judge: Rick Barot
Notify: May
5 poems: To enter online (preferred), visit the online submissions manager and be sure to choose "CONTEST: Fiction," "CONTEST: Poetry," or "CONTEST: Nonfiction/Lyric Essay" as your genre. Upload one previously unpublished story or essay (25 double-spaced pages max) or up to five previously unpublished poems (10 pages max). Do not include a cover letter, your name, or contact info of any kind in your uploaded document; please put this information in the "comments" field.To enter by mail, send one previously unpublished story or essay (25 double-spaced pages max) or up to five previously unpublished poems (10 pages max). Indicate your genre on the outer envelope. Your name and address should appear on the cover letter only. Include a SASE for results. Your $23 fee, payable to "Gulf Coast," will include a one-year subscription. Manuscripts will not be returned.

April 15 Deadlines
4/15/16 New Ohio Review Prize Prizes: $1,500, $500, and publication Fee: $20 to New Ohio Review
New Ohio Review Prize
English Dept., 360 Ellis Hall
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701
  Judge: Tony Hoagland
Poems: Submit up to 5 pages of poetry and/or a short story of up to 25 pages. Submit a separate cover sheet listing name, contact information, title, and genre of submitted work. No names or addresses should appear on the manuscript. Postmark deadline. $20 reading fee includes one-year subscription. Make checks payable to New Ohio Review.

4/15/16 Spoon River Poetry Review Editors' Prize Prizes: $1,000, (2x)$100, and publication Fee: $20 to Spoon River Poetry Review
The Spoon River Poetry Review
4241 Publications Unit
Illinois State University
Normal, IL 61790-4241
  Judge: TBA
3 poems: One winning poem will be awarded $1000 and two runners-up will be awarded $100 each. Winning poem and selected finalists will be published in the fall issue. Submit two copies of three unpublished poems, maximum of ten pages total. Name, address, and phone number of poet should appear on each page of one copy only. Entries must be unpublished and will not be returned. Each $20 entry fee entitles entrant to a one-year subscription or a gift subscription. Please indicate your choice and include current address for each subscription. Include SASE for results. Or enter online.

April 18 Deadlines
4/18/16 Omnidawn Chapbook Contest Prizes: $1,000, 100 copies, and publication Fee: $18 to Omnidawn Publishing
Omnidawn Chapbook Contest
Omnidawn Publishing
1632 Elm Avenue
Richmond, CA 94805-1614
submissions@omnidawn.com Judge: Hoa Nguyen
Chapbook manuscript: Open to all writers with no limitations on the amount of poetry a writer has published. Submissions should be 20–40 pages of poetry, not including front and back matter. (Keep in mind that this is intended to fit in a 5.5 x 7 inch published chapbook of approximately 60 pages or less, although you can submit on standard 8.5 x 11 inch pages, and we will format to fit the smaller size.) Colleagues, students, and close friends of the judge are not eligible. Postal and online poetry contest submissions accepted. Online entries must be received and postal entries must be postmarked between February 1 and March 31 at midnight Pacific Standard Time. Reading fee is $18 for the poetry chapbook contest. For $2 extra to cover shipping cost, entrants who provide a U.S. mailing address may choose to receive this contest's winning chapbook or any Omnidawn chapbook.

April 20 Deadlines
4/20/15 Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize Prizes: $1,000 and publication Fee: $15 to Northern Michigan University
Passages North
Northern Michigan University
1401 Presque Isle Ave.
Marquette, MI 49855
  Judge: Lynn Emmanuel
3 poems: $15 entry fee. All entrants receive contest issue. We accept either electronic or paper submissions. Enter online at site.

April 29 Deadlines
4/29/16 DIAGRAM Chapbook Contest Prizes: $1,000 and publication Fee: $19 to New Michigan Press
NMP/DIAGRAM Chapbook Contest
English Department
P.O. Box 210067
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721-0067
editor (at symbol, you know, the "@") thediagram.com Judge: Ander Monson
Notify: June
Chapbook manuscript: Interesting, lovely unpublished work (unpublished as a whole; individual pieces may be published already of course), prose or poetry or some combination or something between genres, 18-44 manuscript pages (no more than one poem per page if you're sending poems unless they are very, very short). Images OK. We recommend that your manuscript be as coherent—as much a project—as possible. Not to say everything needs to be thematic or narratively related, but most of our winning chapbooks have a feeling of aesthetic unity or resonance:books should make sense as books. Chapbook manuscripts do not necessarily have to be diagrammatic (though the diagrammers among us do enjoy those). Co-authored manuscripts are fine. Submitting multiple manuscripts is fine with entry fees for each. Send 6" x 9" SASE ($2) for copy of winning chapbook. Enter online at site.

April 30 Deadlines
4/30/16 Beacon Street Prize Prizes: $1,000 and publication Fee: $20
submit online   Judge: Amy Gerstler
3 poems: Open to both fiction and poetry. Finalists will be acknowledged, but will not receive publication or a monetary prize. The entrance fee comes with a FREE one-year subscription to Redivider.

4/30/16 Berkshire First/Second Book Prize Prizes: $3,000, 20 copies, publication Fee: $28 to Tupelo Press, Inc.

Tupelo Press Berkshire Prize
P.O. Box 1767
North Adams, MA 01247

  Judge: TBA
Notify: late July
Book manuscript: For a poet who has not yet published a first or second full-length collection of poetry. Submit a previously unpublished, full-length poetry manuscript between 48-88 pages, enclosed in a folder. Two cover pages: one with title of the manuscript only, the other with title of manuscript, name, address, telephone number and email address. Cover letter or bio optional. Include a table of contents and an acknowledgments page. This competition is judged anonymously. Any poet writing in English who has not previously published a full-length book is eligible. Entry fee must accompany each submission, made payable to Tupelo Press, Inc., or paid via PayPal on site. Include permission form. A SASP may be included to confirm receipt of manuscript. Simultaneous submissions are permitted so long as accompanied by separate entry fee. Notify Tupelo Press if manuscript is accepted elsewhere. Tupelo Press will consider all finalists for publication. Individual poems, chapters or excerpts may have been published previously in magazines, anthologies or chapbooks of no more than 48 pages, but the collection as a whole must be unpublished. Translations and previously self-published books are not eligible. Enclose SASE for notification of winner. Do not enclose SASE for return of manuscript; all manuscripts will be recycled at the conclusion of the competition, except for those under consideration for future publication. No FedEx or UPS. Can submit online.

4/30/16 Dead Bison Editors Prize Prizes: $1,000 and publication Fee: $15
submit online   Judge: Arcadia Editors
Poems: 10 pages. The runner-up in each category will also be published.

4/30/16 Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowships Prizes: (5x) $25,800 Fee: none
online only   Judge:
Notify: September 1
Poems: Five Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowships will be awarded to young poets. Applicants must be US citizens. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and no older than 31 years of age as of March 31. Applications must be made through our website. Application materials sent via e-mail or standard mail will not be considered.

4/30/16 Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize Prizes: $1,000 and publication Fee: $20 to Marsh Hawk Press
Marsh Hawk Press
P.O. Box 206
East Rockaway, NY 11518-0206
  Judge: Mark Doty
Book manuscript: Submit a manuscript of 48-84 pages of original poetry in any style in English. The manuscript must not have been published previously in book form, although individual poems appearing in print or on the web are permitted. Entries may consist of individual poems, or a book-length poem—or any combination of long or short poems. Submitted manuscript must contain 2 title pages: Name and contact information should appear on first title page only. Name should not appear anywhere else in the manuscript. Manuscript should be typed, single-spaced, paginated, and bound with a spring clip. Include a table of contents page and an acknowledgements page for magazine or anthology publications. Enclose an SASE for announcement of the winner. Manuscript cannot be returned. Include a check or money order for $20 entry fee. Or submit online.

4/30/16 Kathryn Morton Prize in Poetry Prize: $2,000 and publication Fee: $28 to Sarabande Books, Inc.
The Kathryn A. Morton Prize in Poetry
Sarabande Books, Inc.
2234 Dundee Rd. Suite 200
Louisville KY 40205
  Judge: Dean Young
Notify: early July
Book manuscript: Includes a $2,000 cash award, publication of a full-length collection of poetry, and a standard royalty contract. Contest is open to any writer of English who is a U.S. citizen. Individual poems from the manuscript may have been published previously in magazines, chapbooks of less than 48 pages, or anthologies, but the collection as a whole must be unpublished. Translations and previously self-published books are not eligible. Please submit one copy of the manuscript and our required entry form at www.sarabandebooks.org/contest/contest_entry.html. Manuscripts must be: anonymous—the author's name or address cannot appear anywhere on the manuscript (your title page should contain the title only), a minimum of 48 pages of poetry, typed on standard white paper, one side of the page only, paginated consecutively with a table of contents and acknowledgments, machine-copied—no dot-matrix please unless letter quality, bound with a spring clip or placed in a plain file folder. No paper clips please. All manuscripts must be accompanied by our entry form which contains all the necessary identifying information. Do not send your manuscript without this form. Please retain a copy of your manuscript. We cannot return manuscripts. Submission of more that one manuscript is permissible if each manuscript is accompanied by an entry form and handling fee. Once submitted, manuscripts cannot be altered. Winner will be given the opportunity to make changes before publication. Simultaneous submissions to other publishers are permitted, but Sarabande Books must be notified immediately if manuscript is accepted elsewhere. Sarabande Books will consider all finalists for publication. There is a $20 handling fee, check made payable to Sarabande Books, Inc. Manuscripts must be postmarked between and including January 1 and February 15. Include a SASP for notification that manuscript has been received. Include a #10 SASE for contest results. Please send your manuscript in a plain or padded envelope. No boxes please. No Federal Express, Overnight Mail, or UPS. We strongly advise that you send your manuscript first class. Submit online at website.

4/30/16 The Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry Prizes: $2,000, $1,000, trip, and publication Fee: $20 to Nimrod

The University of Tulsa
800 S. Tucker Dr.
Tulsa, OK 74104

Francine Ringold, Editor in Chief
(918) 631-3080
Poetry: 3-10 pages, one long poem or several short poems. Fiction: 7,500 words maximum. No previously published works or works accepted for publication elsewhere. Author's name must not appear on the manuscript. Include a cover sheet containing major title and subtitles, author's name, full address, phone & fax numbers. "Contest Entry" should be clearly indicated on both the outer envelope and the cover sheet. Manuscripts will not be returned. Nimrod retains the right to publish any submission. Include SASE for results only. If no SASE is sent, no contest results will be sent; however, the results will be posted on Nimrod's Web site. Entry/Subscription Fee: $20 includes both entry free & a one-year subscription (two issues).

4/30/16 Barry Spacks Poetry Prize Prizes: $500, 50 copies, publication Fee: $20/25

submit online

  Judge: Thomas Lux
Book manuscript: unpublished book-length manuscripts of 48-100 pages. Entry fee is $20, $25 includes entry and copy of the winning book ($15 cover price).

4/30/16 Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize Prizes: $5,000 and publication by the University of Pittsburgh Press    Fee: $25 to University of Pittsburgh Press
Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize
University of Pittsburgh Press
7500 Thomas Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Notify: fall
Book manuscript: For a first collection of poetry. The award is open to any poet writing in English who has not had a full-length book published previously. We define "full-length book" as a volume of 48 or more pages published in an edition of 750 or more copies. Self-published or vanity press books are excluded from this definition. Send one copy of your manuscript on good quality white paper, 48–100 typescript pages. Clean, legible photocopies are acceptable. Your name and address and/or phone number should be on your title page. These are our only format requirements. Enclose an SASP for manuscript acknowledgment and a SASE for contest results. Manuscripts being considered by other publishers are allowed, but if accepted for publication elsewhere, please notify the Press, in writing. Manuscripts must be postmarked on or after March 1 and on or before April 30.

4/30/16 Zócalo Public Square Poetry Prize Prize: $2,000 and publication Fee: none

send up to three poems to poetry@zocalopublicsquare.org.

Judge: editors
Notify: May
Poems: U.S. poets. Up to 3 poems that best evokes a connection to place. “Place” may be interpreted by the poet as a place of historical, cultural, political, or personal importance; it may be a literal, imaginary, or metaphorical landscape. We are looking for one poem that offers our readers a fresh, original, and meaningful take on the topic. Poems must be original and previously unpublished work. The winning poem becomes the property of Zócalo Public Square. By entering the contest, the entrant grants Zócalo the right to publish and distribute his or her poem for media and publicity purposes, along with the poet’s name and photograph. Writers will be contacted by Zócalo before we publish any submission, either for the contest or on our site.